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The above photo is a sample of the costumes we have created.
from left to right: (1. Borg y2k, a costume I made up in just three short
years)  bottom center "Klingon Chancellor E'mn Der'Oqu"  (M  Der' Rock)
bottom right "Q'Ulor Der'oqu" (K Lore   Der' Rock)                                        top center "2. Borg 9 of 9  from the Delta quadrant" ( a favorite at conventions.)  top right "Roq'Gea" (Rock  G)
The costumes and makeup was constructed by myself and my friends.

This is 7 years of costume making and makeup art.
some years ago my friends and I attended a Star trek
convention in Joplin Mo. the guest was Jonathan del Arco,
at that con we saw several costumes, including Borg, Klingon
and Star fleet.  I was so intrigued with the fandom experience
that I just had to join in, But how to do this?

So first I called My father In Calif. Ask him if He could throw together
a Borg costume, after about 20 to 30 seconds of laughter He replayed (no)
and now that we have constructed 5 Borg costumes I understand his

The first costume was a creation my father made from scrap leather
and spandex, a Klingon (Q'Ulor), and with that it was off to my first of
many Star trek conventions as an alien life form. So off to
Springdale Arkansas but I was late arriving at the con that day and the   competition Was over, so no competing that day.

      It may have been too late to compete, although looking around at the other people in their costumes and how much fun they seemed to be
having , I decided to change into the costume anyway. As I was changing from myself to the escaped Klingon prisoner Q'Ulor, a man holding what appeared to be a very expensive camera ask if he could snap a few pictures as I applied the makeup, I replied with a very curious       yes.

      As I was applying my make-up the gentleman snapped several
pictures from all angles including a reverse image in the mirror,
after about 10 minutes or so the gentleman thanked me and as
he left he said "should have been in the contest."  The next day
just after arriving at the convention center,  The lady checking tickets
ask me if I had seen the Sunday morning newspaper.  I hadn't yet,
so I went to find one.  In full color, there I was FRONT PAGE ,
I started to jump up and down screaming with great gusto
and excitement (on the inside) of course,  my outward appearance
was some what subdued.  You know, ( the isn't that really nice face)

      Well to sum up the opening page,  you could say that I was
hooked.  Now after  8 years of conventions and competitions
I decided to share some of what I've learned.  From Klingon to
assimilated Klingon,  I feel the journey has just begun.

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