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Borg costume guide
How to build a Borg
you need space were you can work such as a craft room,
garage or spare room. You don't need all that much talent,
what you do need is patience, and a lot of it.
Some of the tools you will need: drum ell, drill, hot glue gun,
pliers, screwdrivers, band saw, soldering iron ext...
and an understanding wife???


Junk store supplies
Anything that looks mechanical
Toys from fast food restaurants
1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" flex tubing
1000 or more small cable ties
Assortment of Philips self-tapping screws
Toys with moving parts

Garage sale stuff
Shin, leg and kneepads,
Football padding
Model parts
Motocross boots, ski boots or roller blades
Junk toys such as remote control cars
Anything that looks borgish
Broken cordless phones

Craft store supplies
Plaster of Paris
Duel Temp Hot Glue Gun with glue sticks
Flat black spray paint
Gold spray paint
Silver spray paint
Paint brushes, small model type
Assortment of model paints
Super glue gel type

General tools
Drill 3/8 hand held
Band saw
Dremell with assortment of attachments
Table sander with 240 grit paper
Cordless screwdriver
Drill bits
Utility knife
Assortment of hand tools

Draw sketches, read magazines, watch your favorite Borg episodes and
start to build. Do not get in a hurry. The outcome of your costume will
be what you put into it.  When you start to construct this awesome
baddist of the bad costume I would suggest starting with the headpiece.

On my Borg Y2K01 we found a VR helmet on a Wal Mart ® clearance aisle
for under ($10.00).   We cut off the strap off the helmit and took the workings out and put them in what we call the assimilation box, this is a bin where all
the extra parts go.  (Do not throw anything away) We then took a kids roller blade, we found at a yard sale, ($0.25) and cut the back off with a band saw.  We fit the VR helmet and the piece we cut from the roller blade, to form the back, then we added some 3/8" tubing and glued our pre made
latex Borg skin to it

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